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montessori multiplication board with bead box
montessori multiplication board with bead box in India bangalore
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montessori multiplication board with bead box

Montessori Multiplication Board: Scan and Learn for Preschools, Hands-On Math Learning Tool with Bead Box

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The Montessori Multiplication Board is a hands-on math learning tool designed to facilitate the learning and practice of multiplication tables from 1 x 1 to 10 x 10. This educational material is crafted with a hardboard, complemented by a bead box containing a set of beads and circular number cards. The natural wood color adds an aesthetic touch to the educational experience. The innovative aspect of this Montessori Multiplication Board lies in its integration of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. By simply scanning the QR code provided, users gain access to a guided lesson on how to effectively utilize the material. 

  • 🧠 Montessori Multiplication Board Overview:

    • 📏 Hands-on math learning tool
    • 🎓 Designed for multiplication tables (1 x 1 to 10 x 10)
  • 🎨 Material and Design:

    • 🪵 Crafted with hardboard
    • 📦 Bead box with beads and circular number cards
    • 🎨 Natural wood color for aesthetic appeal
  • 🚀 Innovative AR Integration:

    • 📱 Augmented Reality (AR) technology
    • 🤳 Scan QR code for guided lessons
    • 🌐 Enhances learning, making it interactive and engaging
  • 🎯 Primary Objective:

    • 🖐️ Hands-on practice for multiplication
    • 🧠 Leads to memorization of multiplication tables
  • 🔄 Reinforcement Features:

    • 🧮 Bead box and circular number cards
    • 🛠️ Physical building of multiplication tables
    • 🚀 Supports memorization for fast recall
  • 🎉 Recommended Ages:

    • 🎈 5+ years
  • 🎓 Educational Goal:

    • 🤔 Helps understand the concept of multiplication

Recommended Ages: 5+ years

Objective: Helps to learn the concept of multiplication.