Why Brilla is the perfect destination for shopping for the best wooden – Brilla Toys

Why Brilla is the perfect destination for shopping for the best wooden learning toys?

Expertly crafted unique AR-Powered wooden learning toys for 2 - 6 years available on our website.

Wooden toys are strong and do not have sharp edges allowing your child to enjoy their playtime without any fear of getting hurt. The wooden toys are also believed to enhance the imagination abilities of your child. Wooden toys are like the blank slate and help in initiating imagination in the little minds of children.


A wooden toy is soothing and appeals to the child’s sense of touch as it is smooth, warm, and tactile, as compared to plastic toys which tend to be less appealing to all the senses.

In the growing age of kids (1–6) years especially children tend to take everything and whatever in the mouth to feel a sensation in the mouth and their teeth. It is very important to look after them so they don’t take up in the mouth something which can be hurtful to them.

The 72 Wooden Alphabets & Objects Matching for learning phonics in the above educational toy will make them understand and learn all alphabets as they have colorful plates.

Brilla Build A Tower

The Brilla Wooden Build A Tower popularly known as the wooden stacker for kids with different color make them learn numbers as well as the puzzle game which while do brainstorming for the children.

Growing children need more of a fun learning pattern rather than making them sit and mug up. Brilla Learning Toys is committed to manufacturing wooden “Hands-on, Mind-On” instruments of play in Peenya, Bangalore. View our exclusive collection at https://brilla.in/


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