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Brilla Junior Knowledge Montessori Box for 3 to 4 Years

Brilla Junior Knowledge Montessori Box for 3 to 4 Years

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The Brilla Montessori Boxes are made for your child's exclusive use at the safety and comfort of your Home. For Early Childhood learning of your child hands are the instrument of mind. The exploration with materials and doing activities are must for small children - that is how all human brains are designed. 

Montessori materials and learning toys that are designed and manufactured by us, unleash the joy of learning for small children for its quality, design and attractiveness. Most of these materials are AR Tech enabled and just at the scan it shows the demo on how to use the materials or shows an audio-visual animation providing detail information about the object. So no stress or no prep for the parents.

Montessori and learning materials are designed following Montessori approach on Execises of Practical Life, Arithmetic, Sensorials, Language and other learning toys are for development of Eye-hand cordination, Cognitive skills, Motor Skills, etc. 

Materials in Montessori Box for Kids 3 to 4 Years contains : 

  • Butterfly Life Cycle
  • Animal & Baby Matching
  • Alphabet Picture Matching
  • Capital & Small Letter Matching
  • Transportation Puzzle