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MathsUp Vedic Maths (Day 1 - Day 10)

MathsUp Vedic Maths (Day 1 - Day 10)

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MathsUp Vedic Math Complete Program For 10+ Years Age Group Which Helps Immensely in Competitive & School Exams

Vedic Math techniques improve the speed of calculations by 10-15 times. Vedic Math is based on 16 sutras. It is fun and easy to learn. Improve your Brain functions in fast acting calculations,  recognising patterns, logical reasoning and memory power.

Course contains 50+ Vedic Math Skills explained in 3 parts:

  1. Lecture video explaining the skill (4 to 15 mins for each skill).

  2. Online Quiz of about 10 to 15 MCQ for the skill. 

  3. Downloadable flashcard (in .pdf) for each skill providing information of the skills in steps for your lifelong reference like a book. 

    ​Suitable for all levels